Hiring 社交媒體經理 – 職位簡介

Looking for SEO Trainee, work from home position. We are based in NYC, that is New York City. I am from Ipoh Malaysia. I had been a web developer for a few years, now, I have picked up SEO on my own. Looking to pay around $4000 RM for up to 2 novices, none experienced workers. Primarily dealing with SEO content creation & social media management.

We haven't had the time to focus on those, got way too busy, as our traffics has increased about 8 fold from the last 6 months, hence, we needed more people working.

If interested, check out below.

I prefer people that live in Ipoh. As I have family there.

Things to do, manage Social Media Platform, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & etc.

只需在家辦公主要職責是管理/經營各類Social Media平台(主要經營WeChat和Facebook)



懂WordPress者優先 (工資可調整為$6000 RM

有意者請先瀏覽本公司網站,並完成以下三個測試,表現優異者可獲高達 $100美元 的獎金並立即錄用。


Test 1:


Test 2:

最新勁爆消息:紐約市長實行全民白卡計劃 vs 特朗普“公共负担”移民新规


Test 3:

請翻譯此文章:The Truth About the Urgent Care Center

請完成以上測試後,把作品鏈接和你的聯繫方式發送到郵箱: Team@safepolicies.com


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