Craziest Pizzas in NYC

We all have a favorite pizzeria– whether its a New York City staple, like Joe’s Pizza or Rubirosa, or a dollar slice on your corner. While we’ve all had the standard New York pie, the following restaurants are adding a modern and spunky twist to the beloved classic.

Krave It Sandwich Shop in Bayside makes the most innovative creations like Dorito pizzas, or cheeseburger pizzas–complete patties and buns. In Manhattan, Industry kitchen is making headlines with the most expensive pizza in New York City– the 24k pizza– topped in gold flakes, caviar, foie gras, and truffle.

Check out our map for more insane pizzas!

Most Classic? Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s is a huge tourist attraction, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a truly classic New York slice. There are stores located all over the city, they’re open past 2 am, and their price is great at $2.75 a slice. Joe’s has hands-down the best simple slice in the city and will always fill a pizza-shaped space in our hearts.

Most Creative? Krave It Sandwich Shop

The creativity at Krave It goes beyond having interesting pizza toppings. In fact, it’s almost hard to call some of the dishes pizzas. There’s nothing traditional about their cheeseburger pizza, for example. With these pies, you can get the best of both meals! Each pie is covered in mini burger patties, 16 buns, fried eggs, and fries! Whether or not you’re adventurous with your pizzas, this one is undeniably one of a kind.


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