Health Insurance for New Elderly Immigrants

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For many elderly people who immigrate to the United States, healthcare can be an issue. Health insurance in the United States is notoriously expensive. However, nobody would have thought that medical insurance would be simply unavailable to purchase.

Zhang Guoxing, the president of an insurance company, pointed out that people who are over 65 years of age who have lived in the United States for less than five years and whose income does not meet the requirement for white cards are not eligible to apply for health insurance.


A spokesman for the California Medical Insurance Department also released Medi-Cal, which is the California version of the Medicaid program: mainly for low-income individuals, people with disabilities, and people over the age of 65. Some beneficiaries can also obtain federal health insurance, but he has not made clear if non-low-income new immigrants over the age of 65 can purchase private company insurance.

However, Zhang Guoxing explained that medical insurance can only be purchased under the 65-year-old boundary. New immigrants under the age of 65 who have just arrived in the United States in the last 60 days or whose green cards have just become active can purchase insurance. Again, according to the current regulations, this applies to new immigrants who are under the age of 65.

If you live in Rowland Heights, California, and your income does not meet the requirements of the white card, you must pay $540 a month for out-of-pocket insurance. However, this will only cover a serious illness. If you want to buy a medical network plan (PPO) insurance, you would pay $722 per month.

However, new immigrants over 65 cannot purchase these insurance plans. They can only receive a red, white, and blue Medicare card.

In addition, he pointed out that the Medicare red and blue cards are benefits for retired taxpayers. If you have paid tax for over 10 years, the insurance cost for one month is about $134. According to the current news, these policies have not shown any signs of change.

The United States is a welfare state. The government has many welfare programs. The benefits include medical care, relief funds, WIC, elderly care, food stamps, and pensions. As long as the applicant meets the conditions for applying for the corresponding benefits, they can apply to the relevant department.

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